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Top 3 craft beer recommendations for June 2021- Ayinger - Mad Squirrel - Freddo Fox

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It is time for Zurich Beer Tour's Top 3 beers for June 2021. Simona decided to feature a beer from one of the most well known #traditional Bavarian breweries. Sandro's top beer for June is a of course a #hoppy sensation, a double IPA from the UK . This month's staff pick is also an IPA, this beer from #Catalonia is a more modern take on the style. Let's do this!


Simona's pick: Ayinger Privatbrauerei (DE) - Celebrator Doppelbock

The Beer:

This beer is a #German classic. The name "Celebrator" goes back to one to the so called Salvator by the Paulaner Brewery, originally brewed for the feast of St. Francis of Paola. Nowadays a lot of breweries use names ending in -ator as a signpost of the style. The Doppelbock is a dark and strong bottom fermented brew, focusing on aromas of #roasted malt, like coffee, caramel and even a hint of chocolate. As the name suggests, this beer style is a stronger (doppel = double) version of the German #Bockbier, a beerstyle that originates in city of Einbeck, Germany.

The Brewery:

Located in Aying, Germany this brewery is one of the most well known #traditional Bavarian breweries. Founded in 1878 by Johann Liebhard, this brewery has since brewed several styles of beers, of which many have won international beer #awards. Their production range consist of 15 different beers, some of which are only brewed seasonally and some are available all year round. The range included well known styles like #Helles and #Hefeweizen but also local specialties like #Maibock and #Kirtabier.

Our food pairing recommendation:

Cream cheese with honey


Sandro's pick: Mad Squirrel (UK) - Sapwood DIPA

The Beer:

This beer is an awesome combination of a classic #English, hoppy west coast and malt forward double IPA. And it features all the great aromas that come from those styles: citrus, pine, resinous sweetness and an awesome #bitterness. This brew is a welcome change to all the tropical almost non-bitter DIPAs that are being served in beer bars all over the globe. Not that we don't like those, but it is nice to have a beer that shows also the beauty of a bitter beer.

The Brewery:

Mad Squirrel is located in #Hertfordshire, England, just outside of London. They were founded in 2010 and they have even opened 6 #Taprooms until today. Their three main goals are:

-To produce the best beer possible

-To share our passion and products with as many people as possible

-To continually evolve; bettering ourselves, our products, our reach and our impact.

They started with a brewing system that produced about 50'000 litres of beer in their first year, nowadays their #brewery has evolved and produces over a million litres annually.

Our food pairing recommendation:

Spicy Tacos


Zurich Beer Tour's pick: Freddo Fox (ESP) - Not Even the Sky Is the Limit NEIPA

The Beer:

This beer is a super juicy #NewEngland IPA, perfect to drink in the sun of #Barcelona. It was brewed with huge amounts of 4 different hop strains: Citra, Simcoe, Enigma & Columbus. The beer features aromas of grapefruit, peach and mango. It has a really big body for a beer with just 6.5% ABV, but it's still super drinkable. The perfect beer to have several of, sitting in front of a #bodega. And of course the name is ingenious.

The Brewery:

Freddo Fox is a really new brewery, it was founded in 2021 3 by guys with lots of #brewing experience (2 of them were part of Edge Brewing from Spain and 1 was part of Brewski, Sweden) . The #history of this brewery is obviously not very rich of stories yet, but they have already produced amazing beers. Especially the IPA's we tried were amazing.

Our food pairing recommendation:

Cassoleta de cheddar, xistorra i salsa chipotle


These are our three beers for June. Which ones were your favorite brews this month? Tell us in the comments!

Are you looking for more personalized recommendations, that are made to fit your taste? Check our Pocket Beer Sommelier.

Stay tuned for our July recommendations!


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