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Born and raised in Zurich Sandro's one true passion is beer. His first encounter with handcrafted beer was during his travels in Canada in 2018. In Vancouver he fell in love with the very large and awesomely diverse beer scene. 


He is a certified Swiss Beer Sommelier and has also achieved the Cicerone Certified Beer Server title. When he's not at his day job as a team leader in retail he's working at The International Beer Bar in Zurich as barkeeper. In his spare time he worked as a representative of a brewery at different events. A favorite hobby of his is homebrewing.

With Sandro you'll have the best possible guide to tell you everything you need to know about beer, brewing and the local beer scene.

Favorite Beer Styles: IPA, Belgian Sours, heavy Stouts

A beer he'll never forget: Flagship IPA, Steamworks (CA)

Favorite Breweries: Brausyndikat (CH), Stigbergets (SWE), Omnipollo (SWE)

Simona Zurich Beer Tour Guide.JPG


Simona has a five year long experience as a tour guide in her hometown Sofia​ and in Zurich where she has been living for the past two years. She has lead her guests on numerous pub crawls and food tours and enjoys telling the stories behind the visited places.

What lead her to beer is her love of exploration and her curiosity. She enjoys trying new tastes and all kinds of weird combinations. Currently, she's working on her master's thesis in International Alternative Tourism. When she's not drinking beer, she's making her living at a marketing company.  

She'd love to hop around Zurich with you. 

Favorite Beer Styles: Stouts, Sours, Belgian Beers 

A beer she'll never forget: Maple Very Big Moose, Fierce Beer (UK)

Favorite Breweries: Fierce Beer (UK), Põhjala (EST), Omnipollo (SWE), Evil Twin (US)

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