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Zurich Beer Tour

This tour will take you on a journey through the world of craft beer. You will taste different styles of beer and learn about the process and history of brewing.

The included tasters will be from local and/or small breweries and will be consumed in locally run and owned places. In order to give you the best service possible the groups will be up to a maximum of 10 people.

This experience is suitable for beer lovers with a taste for adventure. We aim to provide a good variety of beer and satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in good quality beer.

If you are looking for knowledge provided in an entertaining way and love to try something new, we are here for you.

Well, come on now if you think this is your pint of beer:

What people say about us:


Lena, Zurich

...I am still amazed how well beer and chocolate go together. Our wonderful guide, a beer sommelier, had so much expertise and even picked out the beer and chocolate pairings on the spot in each bar...


Kayla, Chicago

...Cannot recommend this tour enough even if you are not a beer lover. Sandro makes it his goal to find something you will enjoy and it may make you cross over to the dark side of loving beer...


Peter, Zurich

...Whether you are touring Zurich for a short period of time or have been a local living here many years, this tour was a great way to access many establishments that I might have otherwise walked past!...

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