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Pocket Beer Sommelier

There is one feeling that unites many beer lovers who want to try something new - the one of utter confusion and helplessness.


We too have been there. We have stared at the long rows at beer shops perplexed by colorful labels and all sorts of creative can designs. Not to mention all these fancy terms like lambic or double dry hopped or barrel aged to name a few. 


Experience, books and friendly bar and shop keepers have helped  us acquire some solid knowledge about what we love the most - BEER in all its vast variety of styles and flavors. 

Now we are here for you and we are ready to pass on this knowledge should you need assistance when choosing the next beer you want to sample.  This is how it works - you fill in a small form, tell us what you like, chose and pay your service and we get back to you with a choice of 4 lovely brews provided by our Pocket Beer Sommelier. And not to get confused - it's all done by a real fellow beer lover, not an algorithm. 

There are two options to pick from:

4 Beers Only 

The basic version of the Pocket Beer Sommelier. Get a list of 4 beers, picked by our knowledgeable Zurich Beer Tour team to fit your taste.

Sommelier Menu

The premium version of the Pocket Beer Sommelier. The service includes:
-A beer menu with a personalized design
-Description of the beers
-Infos about the brewery
-Food pairing tips
-A link to a webshop that stocks the beer, ready for you to order (shipping only in Switzerland)

If you are looking for a customized beer menu for specific events like weddings, bachelor or hen parties or birthdays write this down in the comments in the form or contact us. If you want us to help you spice up your restaurant beer menu or to create an entire new one, please contact us as well. 

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