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4 online beer tastings that will help you beer away your January blues

We have hoped for a better start of the year and would like to be able to visit our favorite local bars and restaurants as soon as possible. But since this January is bound to be harder than usual, we would like to compile a list of online events to enjoy in Switzerland during this difficult Winter. Everybody is talking about a dry January, but if your local brewery has no 0% alcohol editions yet, that would be no way to help it in these challenging times. So buckle up, while being very responsible of course ;) and find your beer inspiration in the text below.


BierLab Online Tasting

We miss our cozy nights at BierLab's brewpub so much but thankfully they have thought of a solution. On their webpage you can sign up for an online beer tasting including a brewday. So you drink their delicious beer, learn about how it's made and on top of that you make it online - no need to get dirty. To that offer we say - yes, please! Another great possibility is to organize a virtual team event for all your beer loving colleagues. Or why not have a friends gathering with your usual beer buddies? It's up to you.

Amstein Online Beer Tasting

The Amstein beer and drinks shop has its physical location in the French speaking part of Switzerland but the good thing about its online tasting is you can join it from anywhere in the country. They have been organizing virtual tastings periodically during the past year and the last one so far was on 17.12. What Amstein promises are awesome brews and awesome beer stories directly from the source. Follow them on social media or visit their website to learn whether a new tasting will be happening soon.

Zurich Beer Tour Online Tasting

Aaand yes, you guessed it. That's us. The cool thing about our public online tasting is that each session has a different topic. That gives you the chance to explore the different aspects of the beer world in depth. We partner with Intercomestibles, der Laden to offer you a taste of some of the best Swiss brews. In January we devote our Saturday evenings to stouts, Zurich brews, IPA's and a comparison between lagers and ales. Depending on interest and the current situation we might repeat some topics in February or surprise you with new ones. You can also choose between picking up your own beer package or receiving it per post. Learn more here.

Beers'n'More Online Tasting

Organized by the creators of The Alehouse this online tasting will help you learn more about the different sides of beer. All this learning will be a great way to replace the fun nights at the much beloved ETH students' bar. Tastings like this one take place at different times so once again it's good to keep an eye on their website and Facebook or Instagram profiles.


We hope you liked our list and find it useful. In case you know of other online beer tastings that we missed, tell us in the comments. Hopefully, you will be able to spoil yourself with a pleasant beer evening soon.


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