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Zurich Beer Tour - Online Tasting

The one and only Online Zurich Beer Tour!

In partnership with Intercomestibles who provide the tasty brews.

The public tastings take place on Saturdays from 19.00 to 21.00 (CET).

Please click the button below to see the available dates.

What to expect:

Local and international craft beers delivered to your home (only to Switzerland).


 4x330ml bottles/cans, perfect for a single person or to share with one more beer buddy. For the tastings which include food (for example chocolate) we would recommend one package per person.

A guided tasting with up to 10 participants including information about the beer styles and breweries 

A knowledgeable local guide, entertaining you with stories about beer, Zurich and its beer scene

Learn about the history of beer and how it is made

For larger groups and private events please request an online tasting via our contact page.

To book an online tasting use the button below. 

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