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Winter Warmers: Top 3 Swiss Imperial Stouts to Try this Stout Season

The darker days are coming, which means Stout season is upon us! This was a clear sign for us to come to your service, after a couple of weeks without a blog. But we're back with a bang, ready to guide you through the rich flavors of Swiss Imperial #Stouts for the winter season. Let's dive into the indulgence!


St. Laurentius Brauerei: Barrel Aged Stout with Vanilla & Cacao

St. Laurentius BA Stout

The Beer:

St. Laurentius introduced this masterpiece, their #Barrel-Aged Stout, quite a while ago. Aged for four months in Bourbon Barrels, this beer was brewed with Cacao Nibs and Vanilla, creating a symphony of complex chocolate and Bourbon Vanilla flavors over an intense malt base. Even though this beer rocks a heavy 10% ABV, the drinkability is still really high. This is due to the lighter body and also rather subtle barrel-aging, compared to most other BA Stouts these days. The beer can be found at the brewpub in Bülach or their online store.

The Brewery:

St. Laurentius Brewery traces its roots to a journey through the diverse beer culture of the USA. Inspired, they started brewing in their cellar, eventually evolving into a brewery committed to providing the city of Bülach with exceptional beers. The craft beer dream expanded with a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2015, leading to the establishment of the brewery. Since 2019 they've grown exponentially, even opening a BrewPub in June 2020, offering a direct view of the brewing process to guests. St. Laurentius is famous for their #Sours and #DIPA's but you will see (or taste) that their Imperial Stout is just as good!

Christmas food pairing recommendation:

Chocolate and Vanilla Sugar Cookies


BIERlab: Nutshell Imperial Stout

BIERlab flight including Nutshell Stout

The Beer:

BIERlab's Nutshell Imperial Stout is a delightful blend, reminiscent of a Snickers bar but less sweet. Expect notes of vanilla, salted caramel, and peanuts, enhancing the #chocolate malt undertones. The interplay of sweet and savory elements creates a dynamic drinking experience, leaving you craving the next sip. Again this beer is quite drinkable and also is on the lower end of the Imperial Stout scale with an ABV of "only" 8%. So you might even want to get 2 of them (we won't judge you). This brew was one of our guests' favorites on our Beer & Chocolate tours, so book your spot here to find out what your favorite is.

The Brewery:

Founded in 2016 (formerly Bear'N'Stein), BIERlab operates with a weekly brewing cadence. Brewing on a 5hl Labu Bräu brewhouse and equipped with 4x 5hl Speidel fermenters with pressure and temperature control, and 9 Duotank serving tanks with separate temperature regulation, BIERlab is a hub for #innovation. Their motto? A new beer every week, exploring eight different beer styles on tap. Also, all of their beers are named after song titles, this is their only naming rule!

Christmas food pairing recommendation:

Caramel Peanut Chocolate Fudge


Hoppy People: Barrel Aged Swiss Federal Stout 2023

Hoppy People's Swiss Federal Stout

The Beer:

The 2023 edition of Hoppy People's Barrel Aged Swiss Federal Stout was aged for 24 months in Heaven Hill #Bourbon barrels, resulting in a rich, matured Imperial Stout. The extended barrel aging gives this beer a velvety smoothness, and the bold interplay of bourbon and malt is a drinking experience not many other Stouts in Switzerland can offer. Compared to our other 2 Stouts in this article, the Swiss Federal Stout 2023 is one you want to take even more time to enjoy, not only because of the amazing flavor profile and creamy mouthfeel but also because of the 15% ABV. This is definitely a Winter Warmer.

The Brewery:

Located in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland, Hoppy People emerged in 2016 under the vision of Olivier Brighenti and David Bonjour. Inspired by the craft beer movement, they transitioned from homebrewing to establishing a brewery powered by clean energy from solar panels. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in the sunny disposition of their brewery. Nowadays, they are one of the most famous breweries from Switzerland, especially known for their brewer Thiago, who is brewing #collabs all around the world.

Christmas food pairing recommendation:

This should be the beer after finishing your Christmas dinner, sitting in an armchair enjoying your time with your family.


These are our Top 3 Swiss Imperial Stouts to Try this Stout Season. Which are your favorites?

Let us know in the comments below!

Be sure to book your Zurich Beer Tour via the booking page (there is a big chance you will try some great Stouts on the tour)


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