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Our top 3 craft beer recommendations for June 2020 - Fuerst Wiacek - Atelier der Braukünste - Lervig

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

It is time for Zurich Beer Tour's Top 3 beers of the month, June edition. For once the dark high ABV beer is not Simona's pick but our common favorite. Instead Simona has decided to feature a sour beer with a very special mouthfeel. Sandro's pick is the usual - an awesome IPA, but this time from a brewery he didn't know before. So let's do this.


Simona's pick: Fuerst Wiacek - Fuzz Berliner Weisse

The Beer:

Simona's pick this month is a really special beer again, this time she went for a Berliner Weisse from Fuerst Wiacek called "Fuzz". Fuzz is not a simple Berliner, this one has lactose added to the beer. Because of this the beer gets a really creamy moutfeel, which is really uncommon for this beer style but makes it even more delicious. It is also brewed with peach and passion fruit which makes for an awesome summery drink.

The Brewery:

Fuerst Wiacek this is Georg and Lukasz, they are from Berlin. They are brewing there since 2016 and made themselves a name with some adventurous brews and also with some of the best New England style IPA's brewed in all of Germany. Talking about Reinheitsgebot?

Our food pairing recommendation:

A piece of fruity cheesecake


Sandro's pick: Atelier der Braukünste - COPING | pandemic series

The Beer:

Another hazy IPA picked by Sandro. This time we are looking at a 6.7% IPA called COPING by Atelier der Braukünste from the State of Hesse, Germany. This beer has a very unique flavor to it, you can get a mix of peach, melon, orange and red grapefruit. A lot of those flavors are coming from a new hop strain used in this beer, called Sabro. This brew has an awesome juicy mouthfeel. You can also get some bitterness in the finish, which makes this beer perfectly balanced.

The Brewery:

The most important thing about this brewery is that they want to focus on local and organic ingredients. They won't only use the big hop strains that everyone is using and they are also doing some mixed ferm projects. The brewers are also the artists who create the design of their cans, so what they say is: "We create masterpieces, in and on the bottle".

Our food pairing recommendation:

A charcuterie board with locally sourced meats


Zurich Beer Tour's pick: Lervig - Nitro Hot Chocolate Stout

The Beer:

Out staff's pick is coming directly from Lervig in Norway (in collaboration with North Brew Co), and everyone who knows Lervig also knows, that they brew awesome beer. This month we are featuring their Nitro Hot Chocolate Stout. If you buy this beer, please watch this video before opening the can. This beer is a nitro stout, which means the nitrogen used gives the beer its creamy mouthfeel. This stout was a perfect dessert stout, with lots of great flavors: lots of chocolate, coffee and cocoa. What a great brew.

The Breweries:


This brewery from Stavanger, Norway has made itself a huge name in the craft beer scene. They are an independent brewery and they brew almost every beer style possible. From easy drinking pilsners to heavy barley wines there is nothing they can't do. Oh yeah, and their goal is to brew the best beer in the world.

North Brew Co. :

They are an award-winning brewery from Leeds, UK and their founders John Gyngell and Christian Townsley are also the pioneers behind the North Bar. This bar opened in 1997 and is known as Britain's first craft beer bar. They say: "North Bar influenced a new wave of modern beer bars and breweries across the country, including their own."

Our food pairing recommendation:

Oatmeal Peanut butter cookies


These are our three beers. Which ones were your favorite brews in June? Tell us in the comments!

Stay tuned for our July recommendations!


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